If you were expecting to see that we also sell business cards, and postcards and posters and....
Sorry to disappoint you, but unlike many other companies, we choose not to
sell those items. We ONLY sell what we make, and that's stickers.

We don't make business cards and we don't make postcards or posters or door hangers or t-shirts or golf balls or pens, so we don't sell any of them. You can
 source them yourself on the Net and they're a lot cheaper when you deal with
the "actual" manufacturer.

Besides, we sell stickers to a lot of Printers and Print Brokers, why would we want to compete against our Customers? That's not how to build a business relationship.
Check back, we will be posting links to our Partners' sites. If you want to buy direct from the Manufacturers' and save time and money, you'll find them here soon. 

What Else We Do - our parent company, Total Solutions Inc., sells labels in much much larger volumes. Shipping labels and UPC and QR bar code labels, milions of labels at a time. As well as; full color product labels and Nutrition Fact labels.

We also sell printers so Manufacturers can get their products from concept
to store shelf and every step in-between. So, that's
What Else We Do.
Please check out our website www.totalsolutionsinc.com
or to view a 1 page brochure, click the image.

Total Solutions Inc.