After 15 successful years and 11 months...
Or, now known as the 11 months that changed EVERYTHING.

ColorStickers existed, in one form or another, for 15 years, very successfully.
We made great stickers and some great friendships.

Recently, I took on a Partner to take the company to the next level... and 11 months later, the Lawyers pulled the plug. They forced us to shut down the website and to cancel our phone lines FOR ONE YEAR.... In lawyer-speak, this allows us both to be on equal footing going forward.

On the bright side, the Partner is gone.

And so, now is born. Same great quality, because we
own the equipment. We have the same address, we own the building.
Same great service, same great pricing and fast turnaround.

We have appreciated your support in the past and we look forward to working with you again. This time however, No Partners, not now and not ever. I promise.